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Winter Wonder-landing | Full Motion Experience

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Winter Wonder-Landing (Extra 30 Mins)

Full Motion Experience

This is a BOLT-ON and can only be purchased if you have already bought a timeslot in the simulator

This can be completed ONLY in the B737 Full Motion Flight Simulator as it is the only one that can be booked in 30 minute increments.


It’s popular and for a reason! Landing in Innsbruck is most definitely one of the most challenging approaches in Europe. You’ll find the airport in a valley surrounded by 9,000-foot mountains! There’s one way in … and one way out! Can you land a commercial airliner with over 100 virtual passengers safely?

An additional 30 minutes to your booked simulator time. Will you join the ranks of pilots that can successfully land in this famous airport?

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Can YOU land in one of the most chellenging airports in Europe? The Winter Wonder-Landing challenge will test your skills!

We’ve created the Winter Wonder-Landing challenge due to the sheer volume of people that continue to ask for it!

Innsbruck is known as an incredibly taxing place to take off and land from due to the environment all around you. Incredibly high mountains all around you make leaving and the approach an exciting ride for all involved.

Seasoned pilots will be able to navigate and deal with the topography that Austria serves up but … can you?

You will start a few minutes from the airport and with the guidance of your pilot instructor (if you need their help!) you will see if the mountains of Innsbruck can compare with your wits and skill.

Due to high terrain there’s no vertical guidance beam to help the pilots path to the runway. As such,  an artificial descent path needs to be programmed into the computer to track your vertical profile.

The direction of the wind could be your undoing! From the east? It’s even more tricky!

If you don’t manage it the first time … you have 30 minutes to try and try again! If you do manage it the first time … well done! Lets see how you do with harsher weather … or a technical fault!

This exciting challenge can be added to your booked simulator time and aside from the beautiful scenery you will see … you’ll also experience the high energy landing of Innsbruck, Austria.

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Winter Wonder-Landing (Extra 30 Mins)

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Dom Kaye
October 2022
Read More
Had a fantastic time. Mak, the pilot who took the session was great in explaining everything. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be on the flight deck of a larger passenger plane you have to give it a go. You won’t forget this experience I Will definitely be booking for another go.
Paul Smith
October 2022
Read More
Well what can I say, a superb experience from start to finish. Andy made sure he understood my needs and could not have done more to ensure that I got the booking I wanted and Mak was a brilliant instructor with a lot of patience and made me feel very at ease attempting to fly the Airbus!. Not sure though that my passengers would have enjoyed those bumpy landings!!!
Mike Howard
October 2022
Read More
Fantastic experience with professional friendly people. Have been twice and are booking again The simulator is amazing - state of the art in a friendly atmosphere
Michael R
October 2022
Read More
Many and varied scenarios and locations covered in the Airbus A320 - the hour’s flying passed in almost an instant but was great fun. Captain Mak is a terrific training captain who left me to handle turbulence, night landings, instrument and visual landings, cross winds and snow. With his expert guidance, I nevertheless made it onto the runway after each and every approach. A truly memorable experience and one to which I hope to return very soon. Virtually new equipment with first class graphics and realism. Thank you all at Full Motion Experience for a most enjoyable sim session. You can’t help but leave with a huge smile across your face that lasts for hours!
Jon W
August 2022
Read More
I had a PPL from 25 years previously This experience was brought as a present It brought my whole flying experience back to me . Mak was a great teacher and made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable Flying in the a320 and the 737 simulator I was amazed the skills are closely related to what I had been taught in a cessna The same flying sweat returned as i tried to land on madeira and Katmandu ! What a great experience ; it brought the magic of flying totally back to me
Mike C
August 2022
Read More
Dear Captain Sia (Mak), Sincere thanks for an excellent training and flight simulation experience! It was a real pleasure and I learned so much from you. Your instruction and guidance was very clear. It certainly made me appreciate just how skilled and talented aircraft pilots have to be for the safety of their passengers and crew. Although I very much enjoy flying model aircraft, this experience provided me with a tremendous insight to flying the real thing! Keep Well & Best Wishes.