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Fear Of Flying Course (Full Motion Simulator)

Fear Of Flying - Inside Plane Cabin
Full Motion Simulator Experience
Minimum Age: 16 Years Old
Under 18s MUST be accompanied by an adult.
Location: Burgess Hill – West Sussex – UK


In this one-to-one Fear Of Flying Course you will spend time in a Boeing 737 Full Motion Flight Simulator while you learn about flight and experience it in complete safety in an effort to overcome any anxiety.

A Full Motion simulator is ideal if you have a fear of movement and in particular, turbulence. You will be able to ask questions, experience various weather conditions and levels of differing air pressure. All of which can be expected in a normal flight but in this course … safe and sound without reaching the heights of a real aircraft. You can even bring someone with you for support.

This course takes place in the B737 NG Full Motion Flight Simulator.

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A course to help overcome your fear of flying!

The purpose of this Fear Of Flying Course is to give more information about what happens during air flight, not in a group as with other course providers but one-to-one.

You will have an initial briefing of 60 minutes and then a practical session in the B737 NG Full Motion Flight Simulator for a further 120 minutes.

You are able to bring someone with you for support who is not considered a student. If you decide to share your classroom time with someone else and they wish to be a student also, as up to two people can be part of the course … we would suggest only doing so if you both have similar fears.

You not only learn what happens every single flight by way of safety checks and the day to day of actual cockpit operation, but you will also experience the sensation of flight without ever leaving the ground!

We aim to put you at ease with aspects of flight that are routine and normal for regular air travellers whether they be the pilot or the passenger.

What can I expect from the Fear Of Flying Course?
Messages From Previous Students
Liana de Porto
Fear Of Flying Student
Why choose Full Motion Experience?

Our instructors are all fully qualified commercial and simulator pilots. They bring to you a wealth of knowledge and experience, combined 30 years and over 45,000 hours of flight time in the air.

Flying in one of these full motion flight simulators is as close as you can get to the feel of being in the actual aircraft. Yes, it is more expensive than a fixed base flight simulator but you will also find that it is a completely different experience.

It really is incomparable when you walk up to the simulator, close the door and the steps are retracted to allow the fully hydraulic driven simulator it’s 6 degrees of freedom.

As far as we know, for simulators of this calibre, we are the most reasonable by way of pricing – up to a 20% saving . This isn’t to say that we lack in service, we just believe that overcoming your fears doesn’t need to be as expensive as other places that may be offering it.

Quadrant Systems have given special permission to use this £15 million flight simulator, usually reserved for commercial and military pilot training. We are incredibly pleased to be able to offer experiences in these amazing pieces of flight training. Each simulator is given a rating (Level D) which allows for it to be used for training professional pilots. These simulators are able to simulate all aircraft systems that are accessible from the flight deck which is critical to training … you wouldn’t want a new pilot to practice 10,000ft above your house would you?

Please note – The Fear Of Flying Course will focus on the practical elements of aircraft and flight.

It is NOT to be considered a replacement for psychological or medical treatment. If you believe you would benefit from these methods we urge you to also look into them.

Ready to book? Need to know more?

If you have more questions, please follow the link to the FAQs below. You may find that they hold the answer you need. It may be quicker than asking us too!

By all means though, please do contact should you want to know anything in particular about the Fear Of Flying Course. We would be happy to help and hope to see you at the simulator soon!

Additional information

Simulator Type

Full Motion (1 Hour Classroom, 2 Hours Simulator)

No. Of People

One Person, Two People

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Fear Of Flying Course (Full Motion Simulator)

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Simulator Location

Quadrant Systems Ltd, Victoria Gardens, Burgess Hill, United Kingdom, RH15 9NB


Matt G
February 2024
Read More
Great experience! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who has ever wanted to try a flight simulator. The instructor was beyond patient and was very knowledgeable. I would avoid any other flight simulator companies out there and go with Full Motion. The best!!
Lyn E
February 2024
Read More
What a great experience! From arrival and the briefing by Mak, followed by a full hour in the sim, it was as realistic as it could possibily be without actually flying a real 737. Mak made the entire experience great fun and offered a selection of flight and airport options. Will definitely be booking again in the future.
Žiga C
February 2024
Read More
Wonderful experience. For me, medical B restricted PPL holder (due to partial colour-blind issues), this experience was closest I can get to flying the real A320. After thousands of hours on various PC and fix-based a320 trainers, I decided to step upwards and try the full motion. We flew two sectors, my companion was type-rated pilot, friend of mine. Simulator is great, the feeling is actually as in the real one. Instructor Mak is very kind and he set all the wanted scenarios for us. Big thanks also to Andy, who was very kind and responsive through all the mail conversations, and made sure all our wishes were taken into account. Wonderful experience, definitely coming back again!
Jeremy C
February 2024
Read More
Amazing experience with a fantastic trainer - unforgettable. If you love aviation and want that thrill of being up the front for the adrenaline rush that comes with the thrust at take-off - do this! You wont regret it.
Ravi S
November 2023
Read More
Pretty cool gents thanks so much, always keen an aircraft enthusiast and pretty thrilling to know what it feels like to manoeuvre an aircraft. defo felt and looked pretty epic and real. Mak was our instructor and was a fun co-pilot! will return to fly larger aircraft next.
Paul E
October 2023
Read More
Mak made it a fun, interesting & enjoyable experience. Myself & brother had an amazing time! Superb set-up. Great instruction from Mak. Just brilliant! Many thanks to everyone involved. An excellent present!
Trevor T
September 2023
Read More
My interest in aviation started with the basic Cessna 182RG flight simulation on my pc, and always wondered whether I had learnt enough to be able to fly a commercial jet. The opportunity to find out came when my very generous wife bought my first surprise Full Motion Experience. Naturally, I was a little apprehensive not knowing exactly what to expect but need not have been all thanks to the friendly manner of instructor Captain Mak. As part of the briefing he can assess your abilities, knowledge and relevant experience and tailor the experience to suit perfectly. That first experience was truly instructive, pleasurable and memorable. My reactions must have been obvious as my wife booked a second one which turned out to be equally great ! I would thoroughly recommend anyone with the slightest inclination to try this rewarding experience to book with Full Motion Experience. The process is so simple and communication with them (Andy) is excellent.
Martin M
August 2023
Read More
What fun! Had a great experience in the 737 and thanks to Mak who was a brilliant instructor. Booking was straightforward too, give it a go!