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These challenge ideas can be performed in any of the simulators.

Assume that each of our challenges takes roughly 30 minutes. 

Sometimes people bring a guest or their partner with them. This bolt-on gives you the chance to share your experience with some extra time giving your cockpit companion the chance to experience our fantastic flight simulators!


So, you have flown for an hour straight ... how about giving your cockpit companion a go?

The cockpit companion bolt-on can be added to either the B737 or A320 flight simulator experiences.

Dedicate 30 minutes to a friend, maybe your partner to have a go at the controls. They may not be as enthusiastic about aviation as your are but want to have a go at the controls. Give your cockpit companion the chance to take off, fly in differing weather conditions or land the plane!

A fair bit can be achieved in 30 minutes so if they … or you have an idea as to something you want to try out … just let us know and we will arrange it for you.

A quick landing in New York? Not a problem. Maybe your friend wants to try fly through the mountains of Innsbruck?

We will give a swift introduction into the cockpit and the controls in this half hour bolt-on which will leave around 20-25 minutes for your guest to show what they’ve got!

We don’t sell our experiences in half hour bundles so that people can have a taster session. This idea allows for you to enjoy the bulk of the time and then your friend can set into the captains chair for a taster session without committing to the minimum period.

Ready to book? Need to know more?

If you have more questions, please follow the link to the FAQs below. You may find that they hold the answer you need. It may be quicker than asking us too!

By all means though, please do contact us should you want to know anything in particular. We would be happy to help and hope to see you at the simulator soon!

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30 Mins Bolt On (B737), 30 Mins Bolt On (A320)

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Ravi S
November 2023
Read More
Pretty cool gents thanks so much, always keen an aircraft enthusiast and pretty thrilling to know what it feels like to manoeuvre an aircraft. defo felt and looked pretty epic and real. Mak was our instructor and was a fun co-pilot! will return to fly larger aircraft next.
Paul E
October 2023
Read More
Mak made it a fun, interesting & enjoyable experience. Myself & brother had an amazing time! Superb set-up. Great instruction from Mak. Just brilliant! Many thanks to everyone involved. An excellent present!
Trevor T
September 2023
Read More
My interest in aviation started with the basic Cessna 182RG flight simulation on my pc, and always wondered whether I had learnt enough to be able to fly a commercial jet. The opportunity to find out came when my very generous wife bought my first surprise Full Motion Experience. Naturally, I was a little apprehensive not knowing exactly what to expect but need not have been all thanks to the friendly manner of instructor Captain Mak. As part of the briefing he can assess your abilities, knowledge and relevant experience and tailor the experience to suit perfectly. That first experience was truly instructive, pleasurable and memorable. My reactions must have been obvious as my wife booked a second one which turned out to be equally great ! I would thoroughly recommend anyone with the slightest inclination to try this rewarding experience to book with Full Motion Experience. The process is so simple and communication with them (Andy) is excellent.
Martin M
August 2023
Read More
What fun! Had a great experience in the 737 and thanks to Mak who was a brilliant instructor. Booking was straightforward too, give it a go!
David R
May 2023
Read More
Anyone looking to experience what it is like to pilot a real passenger jet then Full Motion Experience is the place to come. This is a world class facility with experienced commercial jet pilots. Mac was our instructor and he explained and prepared everything on the day. I will never forget my flight which was both enjoyable and challenging.
Yoarm Sella
April 2023
Read More
A great experience!! Mak was an attentive, professional guide and gave expression to every whim I could think of. This is an experience that I wish for every flight enthusiast and especially with an excellent guide like Mak. I will go there again, without a doubt!!
Jack W
March 2023
Read More
My brother Andrew and I contacted Full Motion for the A320 Full Motion simulator experience, asked a few questions that were answered quickly, and we booked a two hour slot based on their ability. From start to finish it was a smooth and flawless experience. Mak our sim instructor was friendly, professional and accomodating with all the scenarios we wanted to fly through and practice. We highly endorse Full Motion and the L3 Harris facility making the entire process enjoyable and stress free.