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How to become a Commercial Pilot In The UK

Our goal is to help you to learn how to become a pilot. Particularly when it comes to cost effective ways to see if doing so is right for you! For many people, becoming a pilot is a lifelong dream. The thrill of flying a commercial jet airliner at 33,000 feet is a goal that […]

Which airports are available in the Full Motion Simulators?

Full Motion Experience - Airports Available

Our customers often ask to land in their favourite holiday locations. Here we explain the airports available in the full motion simulators. Please note before you read the full article, the options for locations are many and the differences below are likely only noticeable to those who have many hours in the air/simulator. Contents How […]

How do I overcome a fear of flying?

Full Motion Experience - Overcome Fear Of Flying

In order to overcome a fear of flying it may take a few steps. Everyone is different and one thing that may work for someone may not work for the next person. We hope this article (and potentially our course) can aid you in not only dealing with fear of flying, but also overcoming it. […]

The difference between fixed base and full motion flight simulators

Full Motion B737 Simulator

When it comes to buying that perfect gift for your aviation mad partner or indeed for yourself, you may be wondering, what is the difference between fixed base and full motion flight simulators? Which is the best experience for you? You may look at the price tag of a full motion experience and wonder quite […]