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Terms and Conditions of Booking

Terms and Conditions Of Purchase and Booking

We suggest that the following Terms and Conditions of Booking are read carefully so that you know your rights and fully understand the services being offered to you by Full Motion Experience.

It would be a good idea to read these before purchase. For this reason, we have given links to this information from every product page.

These are updated and changed from time to time. We suggest that you check back occasionally if you are concerned about anything that may change written below. 

Last Updated – 23/10/2022

Gift and Experience Vouchers

The vouchers, whether they be a gift vouchers or for a particular experience, are sold under the following conditions:

* From the date of purchase you will have a calendar year to book and complete your experience, i.e. 52 weeks from the date of purchase. After this date your voucher will be considered void.

* Vouchers are transferable. If the person originally detailed as “the pilot” is not the person to complete the experience this is acceptable.

* The value of your voucher can be upgraded if you so wish. For example, a B737 60-minute experience can be upgraded with additional funds to include more time or additional merchandise.

Booking your Experience

After purchase you will receive an e-voucher with a voucher number on it. This voucher number is all that is needed in order to book your experience.

When you are ready to book, please contact us with your voucher number and the month you would like to perform the experience. We will then be able to offer you dates when the instructor and the simulator are available.

The simulators are popular and we suggest you contact us sooner rather than later to book your experience.

We will then take these dates to Quadrant Systems (B737 and pro hire of the A320) or our contact at L3Harris (public hire of A320) to check availability and find an agreeable time for the experience that suits them, you and our pilot instructor.

Simulator Experiences will take place at the following locations:

Public & Pro bookings in the B737 & Pro Experiences in the A320 are held at:
Quadrant Systems Ltd, Victoria Gardens, Burgess Hill, RH15 9NB.

Public Experiences in the A320 are held at:
L3Harris, London Training Center, 2-3 Gatwick Road, Crawley, RH10 9BG

Both are a third party and are not responsible for your booking. Please deal directly with Full Motion Experience for any query.

Refunds/Cancellations and your rights after purchase

* You have 30 days to cancel your experience and receive a refund. No reason is needed other than you would like a refund. The refund you receive will be less than the original purchase price with an admin fee being applied. This will either be £20 OR £10 plus the cost of the card processing fee depending on how much your purchase was for.

* If you make a booking (arrange a date/time and receive a confirmation email) within the first 30 days of purchase, your ability to cancel and receive a refund is revoked.

* After cancellation, your digital voucher will be considered void. We will not be held responsible if the voucher and associated booking number are re-gifted.

* A refund is not available to you after the 30-day money-back period. If for any reason you do not wish to complete the experience, we can offer you any of our products of the same value or the option to re-gift the experience to someone else.

* If you are unable to conduct a B737 experience on the booked date, we ask for more than 7 days’ notice. If more than 7 days’ notice has been given, we will be able to re-book for another date, although a £20 admin fee is applicable.

* Depending on where you have booked your experience the rules for refunds or cancellations differ. If under 7 days, the third party company for the B737 and pro hire of the A320 (Quadrant Systems) will expect the booking to be honoured. In this circumstance your booking is either considered void OR you have the opportunity to re-gift the experience to someone else.

* If you have booked a public experience in the A320, once your booking date has been confirmed it is set in stone. L3Harris have a policy whereby, once confirmed and paid for … you must use the booked time, no refund or change is possible. If a booking is made within the first 30 days for the A320 at L3Harris no refund or date change can be offered.

* Should you not turn up to your experience at all … the voucher is considered void.

Our Expectations for Participation

Anyone partaking in one of our experiences will need to adhere to the following:

* Be 18 years or older to control the simulator at Quadrant (B737). You must be over the age of 16 to control the simulators at L3 (A320).

* Guests in the B737 simulator at Quadrant Systems are permitted as long as they are older than 16. Your guest in the A320 simulator at L3Harris must also be over 16.

* If you are concerned that any health condition may be an issue … it is your responsibility to check with your doctor BEFORE the experience is purchased (to avoid disappointment).

* We ask that you dress in an appropriate manner befitting a professional flight simulator provider. You will be potentially walking through a compound with commercial and military pilots. As such we ask that you dress smart/casual and wear long trousers. Flat shoes are required to operate the simulator without hinderance.

* We ask that you arrive rested and NOT under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

* Food and drink are not acceptable in the simulator. There will be somewhere you can leave any belongings that are not suitable to bring with you onto the simulator.

* We expect you to arrive in good time to complete your experience. Traffic, general lateness, toilet breaks or any other reason that may require us to hinder the start of the experience will not lead to your experience being lengthened. We have hired the simulator on your behalf from a professional training facility and they expect us and you to be ready when they are.

* Should we need to stop the experience for a reason associated with the operation of the simulator itself, we may be able to speak to the provider to allow for further time or another appropriate form of recompense.

* Should it need to be stopped due to the customer (toilet breaks, phone calls, sickness etc.) we will not offer any additional time in the simulator.


For the B737 and Pro hire of the A320 – The car park that you use will be at Quadrant Systems. Neither Quadrant Systems or Full Motion Experience are responsible for your vehicle or any belongings therein.

For public hire of the A320 – Free parking is available at L3 but again, neither L3 or Full Motion Experience are responsible for your vehicle or any belongings therein.

The Purchase Price

* The price you have paid will have been the best price we could offer at the time.

* There may be instances where deals are available. We cannot refund any money that has been paid if a cheaper deal is being offered after the date of purchase.

* In order to find out the best prices at any time we suggest that you keep a keen eye on the website.

* To find out any deals ahead of any website updates, join our mailing list to be kept up to date. Links can be found on our website.

Bringing Someone With You

We welcome guests to enjoy the experience with you. In the B737 simulator, aside from the Captain’s and co-pilot’s chairs there is space for 2 other people to observe your experience. In the A320 simulator at L3Harris you may bring one guest.

* The people you bring along must be over the age of 16 for the B737 and A320 simulators.

* You are able to share your experience with someone else as long as they are over the age noted above for each simulator. Do keep in mind the time will go quickly as you will be enjoying yourself and concentrating. As such we do not suggest you share the experience unless you have 90 minutes or more booked.

Proof Of Age

We are adhering to the rules and regulations of the third party companies that we hire the simulators from (Quadrant Systems & L3Harris).

* If you do not look the age you happen to be. You may be asked to prove your age before you can step onto the simulator.

Taking Video and Photos

* Quadrant Systems AND L3Harris do not allow video or photos to be taken of the outside of the building, the inside of the building and therefore the outside of the simulator.

* You are permitted to take video and photos while inside the simulator.

* Any photos or video are to be for personal use ONLY.

* Should you wish to film or take photos for commercial use, we ask that you discuss with us before your booking as there will be a further fee per hour that would need to be paid.

Instructor and Simulator Availability

There may be a situation whereby the instructor OR the simulator are not available for your
booking. As we use third party companies (Quadrant Systems & L3Harris) we have no control over their schedules, their equipment or their staffing. Even though we provide your instructor, additional staff are necessary.

* Should this happen, we will give as much notice as possible.

* As we expect more than 7 days’ notice from you, we will offer the same.

* Regardless of fault in this instance (Full Motion Experience, Quadrant Systems or L3Harris) you will not lose any of the funds you have paid and re-booking will not cost you any additional funds.

* Should we find out there is a problem with the booking less than 7 days before the booking, we will contact you and offer what we consider to be appropriate recompense. This may well come in the form of merchandise or additional time depending on the length of the original booking.

* By purchasing an experience with us you understand that we are not liable for situations out of our control.

* The total of any liability, if we are found at fault will be the price of the experience that has been purchased.

Accessibility and Inclusion

As you may have read in our FAQs, the compounds that the simulators are housed in are accessible to wheelchairs and those with motion difficulties.

The simulators, however, are not as a large removable staircase needs to be scaled in order to enter the simulator.

Participation for people with other disabilities will only be limited by your specific needs. If you need someone to help you, for example, this can be accommodated as guests are allowed.

The cockpit is a tight area though, so we ask you to be as thoughtful as possible when planning your visit. If you feel that without consistent help you may be unable to conduct the experience, we fear it may not be suitable for you.

If you are physically fit enough to take an actual flight you should be fine to access and operate the simulators.

If you are concerned in any way, we would suggest that you speak to us before you purchase the experience.

Contact and Dealing with Problems

We have a chat facility, contact form and, in the event of you purchasing an experience, you will have our email address too.

We of course also have the phone which you can contact us on Mon–Fri, 9am–7pm.

If you need to discuss something with us before your experience we ask you do as soon as you can so that we can help you.

If there has been a problem with your experience, we kindly ask that you discuss it with us as soon as possible so that the matter can be investigated appropriately. We would rather know about any problem and be given the opportunity to fix it rather than hearing about it at a later date.

An Agreement and Contract

The information laid out in this webpage form the rules, terms and conditions of undertaking a booking and subsequent experience with Full Motion Experience.

Buying an experience will automatically mean that you agree and will abide by the information in this document and any accompanying email where appropriate.