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Full Motion Simulator Hire // UK Based

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About Full Motion Experience

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Here you can learn more about Full Motion Experience!

The idea of providing quality experiences in Full Motion Simulators launched in February of 2020 and, even though the pandemic has slowed our progress, we have completed many successful and enjoyable experiences with our clients.

A Full Motion Simulator Hire Company Begins

Starting as a team of two people, a commercial pilot and a web designer / graphic designer / online marketer. Together they realised that no other company was offering the high quality experience that we were convinced that we could.

With access to £15 million training simulators, the excellent guidance and tuition from a practicing commercial pilot PLUS someone to deal with the technical side of things we felt like we had a plan. With a website set up and using the ties with the training compounds the pilot already had … we started taking bookings!

As time passed we have called upon other pilots, instructors and training instructors in order to conduct public experiences and professional hire with training in some cases.

Our mission is to bring the excitement and technical ins and outs of Commercial Aviation to the general public in a fun and informative way. One of only a handful of companies that can give the general public access to such amazing machines and we consider ourselves privileged to be one of them.

Level D Training Simulators For Hire To The Public

Maybe you have had an experience in a fixed base simulator and now want to know what it is like with hydraulics? It will be the closest you can get without training for your commercial licence!

If you’ve ever dreamed of what it would be like to take the controls of a real jet airliner, now’s your chance to hand fly a fully hydraulic-driven simulator used by UK airlines to train and assess pilots.

We encourage aviation enthusiasts or anyone interested in aviation to see what it’s like to pilot a our growing list of full motion flight simulators. At present we are able to offer the Boeing 737NG, Airbus A320 and Airbus A330.

We are fortunate to have an agreement with Quadrant Systems in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and L3Harris in Crawley, near Gatwick, to use their industry-rated Flight Simulators. These simulators cannot be booked direct with the training compounds as they primarily offer simulator time to commercial and military pilots. Being able to get access to these £15 million machines is a privilege we consider ourselves very fortunate to offer.

The simulators are certified “Level D”. They have to be certified to replicate the exact flight deck and motion of a real aircraft.

Qualified and Experienced Pilots as Instructors

Our instructors are all fully qualified Commercial Pilots and work for well known airlines. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. A combined 30 years in fact (!) and over 45,000 hours of flight time in the air.

They have experience in both Fixed Base and Full Motion Flight Simulators and will be able to help you feel comfortable as you sit in the Captain’s chair. Whether you are having an exciting experience pretending you are the passenger taking over the flight due to flight staff absence or you want to overcome your fear of flying without the concerns you may have of actual flight … our instructors are there to help, teach and inform.

We look forward to you joining us on the flight deck … a Level D, £15 million flight deck, the closest to the real thing you can get! 

Fixed Base Simulator & Fear Of Flying

June 2024 Update!

Although we started providing Full Motion Simulator experiences we are now pleased to also be able to offer Fixed Base ones too! With a stake in a simulator located at Brighton City Airport we now can offer slots in the B737-800 Simulator located there.

The location has been renovated after having been left in a bad state and looks lovely now. The simulator itself has also been fully updated, upgraded and is all shiny. We look forward to  showing you sometime soon 🙂

We have also started a second website specialising in Fear Of Flying Courses in the Level D Full Motion Simulators and now we have access to a fixed base simulator … that too! The bonus of being able to conduct the course in a Fixed Base simulator is that the price point is far lower and accessible to more people.