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Which airports are available in the Full Motion Simulators?

Our customers often ask to land in their favourite holiday locations. Here we explain the airports available in the full motion simulators.

Please note before you read the full article, the options for locations are many and the differences below are likely only noticeable to those who have many hours in the air/simulator.

How many locations are available in the Full Motion Simulators?

When you book your simulator experience, depending on the company and their set-up (Fixed Base / Full Motion / Level D etc.) you may find that they promise the earth. Thousands of airports and locations at your disposal whereas you will likely only fly from/to one or two places in your allotted time.

You might also find that you aren’t taking in the “sights” because you are trying to control a 45 tonne virtual aircraft! After having gained knowledge of the basic controls only minutes before!

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we at Full Motion Experience have done our research into the amazing B737 and A320 Level D Full Motion Simulators we have access to. The idea being that you know what to expect before you arrive by knowing the airports available in the full motion simulators.

We can boast that there are thousands of options when it comes to choosing the locations you want to fly to and from. We can also tell you though that these are training machines used by many UK airlines daily and the simulators are geared towards them first.

Some locations will be incredibly detailed down to the smallest little detail. Other locations will be less so and there is a distinct reason for this.

Why might the level of detail differ?

The airlines using the simulators day to day fly from airports based in the UK. So, it stands to reason that these UK locations are most definitely in the system and updated regularly when something in the airfield changes. The locations the airlines fly to work in a similar way and will have more detail.

As training machines, the simulator databases are as up to date as possible for their primary clientele. I hope it doesn’t offend when we tell that this isn’t you! They are for training the next generation of pilots and helping the current generation keep their skills where they need to be.

Remember, we have access to Full Motion Simulators worth £15 million which are usually used by military and commercial pilots. They are the priority and the fact that we are able to give public access is very special indeed! … and special is how you should feel!

So, the airports available in the full motion simulators aren’t limited in choice, but by detail. Don’t feel downhearted though, firstly, the options are still really quite varied AND depending on your level of experience you likely won’t notice if you do want to fly somewhere specific.

Full Motion Experience - Airports Available 1

In any case, we generally find that our customers are open minded as to what they want to achieve during their time with us. The instructor, who acts as your co-pilot, will be able to help to build a plan with you in the briefing before your flight. They will point you to some of the best places to ensure that you experience what you have in mind from difficult landings to extreme weathers and turbulence.

We do understand that you may have your heart set on landing in your yearly holiday destination and we will not steer you away from your desires. It does beg the question though …

What differences might there be?

When looking at the airports available in the full motion simulators, If you were to choose a location that is completely mapped in the system, it will be pretty much a perfect representation of the airfield and it’s surrounding topography. Terminals, buildings, hills, mountains, trees … it’ll all be there.

If you were to choose a location that is not completely mapped … you likely wouldn’t notice anyway! For each of the major airports around the world – it’s location, heading, levels of topography and incline are in the system to still give you the correct bearing and experience to take off and land.

Full Motion Experience - Airports Available 2

Unless you have actually landed there yourself (as pilot not passenger!) it’s entirely possible you won’t know the difference. If a building is in a slightly different place … the experience of actually landing at your favourite location will still have been achieved with the same level of skill that would be needed in the real world.

A list of the airports / locations available in each simulator

The systems that the B737 and A320 Full Motion simulators use are kept up to date and the software being used will be the most current.

As such, you will most likely be able to fly to and from your chosen airports, even if quite obscure. So it is not a case of lesser graphics capability just potential limitations as to detail BUT the ability to fly from or land in your favourite location is likely there.

Please find below the locations that have been fully mapped in each of the simulators that we are able to offer.

B737 Airports/Locations

A320 Airports/Locations

We stress again, this isn’t to suggest that your airport or location won’t be possible. It may however be less detailed than the real place.

Can I ask for a location ahead of time?

If you are concerned about level of detail that your favourite holiday destination may have … please do ask us before you have your experience and we will be able to let you know how it looks and how well it has been added to the system.

Do keep in mind though that if you have never flown a commercial aircraft, or that aircraft’s simulator … your attention will be on your position in the air, steering the aircraft and successfully landing or taking off. After all … those are the most nerve-racking moments in any flight!

Full Motion Experience - As Real as you can get

Now you have a better idea as to what to expect it begs the question …

How can I arrange my experience?

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Our articles are written by the Full Motion Experience instructors and take advantage of their wealth of knowledge. They have many years of experience in the cockpit and will continue to add to this blog to inform our potential customers.